Program Descriptions

Student Volunteers during a BioBlitz
Students Learning Navigation and Wayfinding

Enlivening School Curriculum

We teach everyone!

Whether you are looking to visit with your kindergarten students or your secondary students, we have a program for you!

Looking to bring post-secondary students or a corporate group? Let us know and we can adapt our programs for you.

We teach everything!

We have programs about Science and Nature, Geography and Social Studies, Group Dynamics and Leadership, as well as Outdoor Adventure.

And every program is designed to enliven your school curriculum. If you have an idea for a program that you do not see listed, you can even contact us to discuss whether it would be feasible for your trip.

We teach all year!

Everyone wants to visit in May and June, but some of our best experiences can happen only in the autumn and winter.

There is an unequaled bliss of exploring our winter wonderland by cross-country ski or on snowshoes!

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Campfire Program

Spend an evening around the campfire singing songs, participating in a hilarious skit, tell a traditional aboriginal tale or a spooky ghost story, put on a fashion show, etc, etc. There is just so much fun stuff to do!


All Trails & Loops CLOSED due to lack of snow Last updated March 2nd, 2024 at 12:30 p.m.

Conflict Resolution

We can only resolve conflict by creating conflict! In this program, we explore the nature of conflict by completing a series of challenging games and discussion strategies. Students learn to identify different sources of conflict and to respond with effective resolution strategies.

Conservation Authorities & Our Collective Future

Students are introduced to the concept of a watershed and the increasingly important role of Conservation Authorities in watershed management. Students will practice their critical thinking skills by considering differing perspectives, examining cause and effect, and performing cost-benefit analyses

Cross-Country Skiing

This full-day program is physically active and is a great introduction to cross-country skiing. In the morning, students learn gliding, turning and stopping, as well as how to climb and descend hills.

Customer Service

Students learn the fundamental components in delivering effective customer service from the initial greeting to the concluding of interactions. The customer service principles will be enlivened through the completion of an interactive speed dating exercise.

Eco-Action: Changing Attitudes for a Changing Climate

This exciting program examines some of the environmental challenges facing our planet and highlights the importance of learning about and being part of solutions. Following a climate change primer, students head outside where they embark on the “Amazing Race to Save the Planet” game.


This program focuses on conservation and environmental education through active, role-playing games. Designed for primary students, topics include animal adaptations and the impact of humans on the natural environment.

Game Design

The overall objective of the Game Design program is to teach students how to engage a specific audience based on their socio-economic attributes and interests through group games. Students will first be lead thru a brainstorming session on accurately determining what your client’s interests and attributes are.

Ganaraska Jeopardy & Stones

During this 2-hour program students will rotate through an hour of each activity. We have adapted the original Jeopardy game into an interactive and active game teaching students about ecology, the history of the centre and some fun group challenges.


This action-packed program ensures that students can confidently pull coordinates from a topographic map in order to find locations in the real world with their GPS unit. After mastering the UTM coordinate system indoors, students will head outside to explore the GPS unit and complete a number of geocache challenge courses.

GPS – Green Check Certification

A more advanced and comprehensive 2-day program that provides students with industry-recognized certification with the Green Check National GPS Certification Program. The Green Check Certification clarifies the connections between the map, compass, and GPS unit, and ensures that the students can utilize their GPS unit with a standard 1:50,000 topographic map.