GRCA Administrative Office, Port Hope

Conflict Resolution

We can only resolve conflict by creating conflict! In this program, we explore the nature of conflict by completing a series of challenging games and discussion strategies. Students learn to identify different sources of conflict and to respond with effective resolution strategies.

Conservation Authorities & Our Collective Future

Students are introduced to the concept of a watershed and the increasingly important role of Conservation Authorities in watershed management. Students will practice their critical thinking skills by considering differing perspectives, examining cause and effect, and performing cost-benefit analyses

Hiding in Plain Sight

Students explore the interdependence of plants and animals through the lens of an important animal adaptation: camouflage. This program will also explore how plants and animals have responded to changes in the environment caused by human activities. Learn together in this Kahoot! game.

The Many Faces of Climate Change

Students are challenged to identify the consequences of climate change for the local biosphere. They will then explore a number of climate change adaptation strategies that will be fundamental to the future success of Ontario’s plant, animal, and human residents.

Your Needs & My Needs

Students explore the concepts of survival needs and lifestyle luxuries in order to appreciate the consequences of their daily choices. They will then create a personal connection to the Earth so that they will be more inclined to advocate and act for its protection.