Ganaraska Forest Trails Map

Double track trail in the Ganaraska Forest

Important Ganaraska Forest Information

  • Timber harvest season continues in the Ganaraska Forest – Click here for more information.
  • To access the Ganaraska Forest, each individual must have a membership or day pass, which are available for sale at Day passes are also available from the Gatehouse Kiosk at the Ganaraska Forest Centre.
  • Should you see any trail erosion or downed trees, please report it by emailing
Dual-track trail in the Ganaraska Forest

Explore the trails of the Ganaraska Forest

This web-based map is updated, as needed, to reflect trail notices or restrictions throughout the year and is the only approved map for the Ganaraska Forest's multi-use, recreational trails.

The map can be viewed in a web browser or can be downloaded onto a mobile device, where you can track your location on the downloaded map without needing mobile data. Please follow the instructions below the map.

See instructions below on how to use the web mapping application, as well as how to Access, Install and Set-up the mobile app on your own device. For more information on recreational-use, please see the revised Ganaraska Forest Rules & Etiquette. The Ganaraska Forest is open from dawn until dusk each day.

Please Note: Previous paper / PDF maps are no longer valid for use and the GRCA does not recognize the use or displayed trail data of third-party mapping applications.

The GRCA are continuing to work on clearing single track trails in the Central Forest. Access is restricted during this maintenance period. 

Map Instructions

Refresh Maps Before You Visit the Ganaraska Forest

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Please download the ArcGIS Field Maps app using the links below.

Understanding & Using Field Maps

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