Legal Inquiry / Compliance

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Legal Inquiries & Real Estate Transactions

Ganaraska Conservation recommends contacting GRCA Planning Staff prior to making a formal Planning Act or Permit submission to address any potential issues.

For legal inquiries related to real estate transactions, GRCA can assist in providing information in writing about the property including:

  • If the site is regulated by the GRCA
  • The features that exist on the property
  • Identification of any violations on the property, if any
  • Address any specific questions you may have

To initiate a property information request, please submit the following, using the form identified in the link above:

  • Letter: Specifying details of the request.
  • Fee: Please see GRCA’s Fee Schedule
  • Survey: An accurate property survey or detailed map, including property boundaries, to ensure correct property identification.
  • Address: The address and/or lot and concession.
  • Closing Date: Requests are dealt with on a first come, first served basis.