Community Outreach

Town of Cobourg Water Conservation Garden
Volunteer measures a tree sapling at Sylvan Glen CA

Engaging With Our Community

Environmental education is an important communication tool for the essential programs and services provided by the GRCA.

Among many other responsibilities, our Conservation Authority helps to protect people and property from natural hazards such as flooding, manages land for conservation and recreation, and assists in the protection of drinking water sources. The success of these programs is contingent upon our awareness and buy-in from the local community.

Public Events

Every year, the GRCA hosts several public events to connect with our watershed residents.

These events draw attention to the risks posed by natural hazards and invasive species, create opportunities to explore recreation opportunities in our conservation lands, and promote understanding of the natural heritage features that necessitate action to protect.

through these events we seek to engage the public as partners in our watershed’s adaptation to climate change, in protection of our drinking water sources, and in building healthy sustainable communities.