Grades 4 to 8

GRCA Administrative Office, Port Hope

Alternative Energy = Green Energy

Join us in our commitment to find alternative forms of energy that help reduce our carbon footprint. Students harness renewable energy by building and testing wind turbines, a micro-hydro turbine, or a solar oven and learn how one form of energy can be transformed into another.

Animal Adaptations

Through the examination of natural artifacts, primary and junior students are introduced to behavioural and structural adaptations. Adaptation-themed games are incorporated into a hike through the beautiful forest. Through role-play and hands-on activities, students learn about the complexity of animals.

Beaver Pond Study

This hands-on program takes place at a natural pond located in the Ganaraska Forest. Students learn how to catch, observe and release invertebrates and amphibians found at the pond. Students explore pond life using provided equipment to discover various species. They learn to identify organisms, discover some of their unique adaptations and how they interact with one another.


After learning the Biodiversity basics through an interactive PowerPoint presentation, students head outside for an exciting habitat game teaching about habitat loss. Then the students will have a brief introduction to invasive species before playing the “Garlic Mustard Invasion” game.

Campfire Program

Spend an evening around the campfire singing songs, participating in a hilarious skit, tell a traditional aboriginal tale or a spooky ghost story, put on a fashion show, etc, etc. There is just so much fun stuff to do!

Conservation Authorities & Our Collective Future

Students are introduced to the concept of a watershed and the increasingly important role of Conservation Authorities in watershed management. Students will practice their critical thinking skills by considering differing perspectives, examining cause and effect, and performing cost-benefit analyses

Cross-Country Skiing

This full-day program is physically active and is a great introduction to cross-country skiing. In the morning, students learn gliding, turning and stopping, as well as how to climb and descend hills.

Eco-Action: Changing Attitudes for a Changing Climate

This exciting program examines some of the environmental challenges facing our planet and highlights the importance of learning about and being part of solutions. Following a climate change primer, students head outside where they embark on the “Amazing Race to Save the Planet” game.

Ganaraska Jeopardy & Stones

During this 2-hour program students will rotate through an hour of each activity. We have adapted the original Jeopardy game into an interactive and active game teaching students about ecology, the history of the centre and some fun group challenges.

GPS: Geocache Adventures

Just the games! After a brief orientation to the Global Positioning System unit, students use the technology to navigate through a number of geocache courses. If time permits, intermediate and senior students may also compete in the GPS Hunger Games!

GPS: Numbers, Numbers Everywhere

This is an in-depth look at the technology of the Global Positioning System, sources of error, and the meaning of the GPS coordinates. A variety of fun, interactive games are played to test the students’ skills and to ensure that they are competent users of the GPS unit.

Green Giants

Learn about the importance of plants and trees for any ecosystem, what plants need in order to survive, how plants and animals rely on each other and the parts of a tree. Students will be involved in several games, hands-on experiments and drama activities to relate to these topics.