Staff Directory

Trillium in the Ganaraska Forest

GRCA Staff & Contact Details

Linda Laliberte
CAO / Secretary-Treasurer
llaliberte@grca.on.caext. 223
Alyssa Butters
GIS Technician
abutters@grca.on.caext. 230
Cory Harris
Watershed Services Coordinator
charris@grca.on.caext. 226
Ian Jeffrey
GIS / Remote Sensing Specialist
ijeffrey@grca.on.caext. 241
Jeff Moxley
GIS / IT Coordinator
jmoxley@grca.on.caext. 234
Jessica Mueller
Watershed Hydrogeologist
jmueller@grca.on.caext. 222
Joanne May
Administrative Assistant Planning & Regulations
jmay@grca.on.caext. 244
Julie Verge
Corporate Services Assistant
jverge@grca.on.caext. 221
Ken Thajer
Planning and Regulations Coordinator
kthajer@grca.on.caext. 245
Kim Baldini
Corporate Services Finance Clerk
kbaldini@grca.on.caext. 231
Lindsay Champagne
Watershed Biologist
lchampagne@grca.on.caext. 229
Michelle Giddings
mgiddings@grca.on.caext. 227
Mike Smith
Water Resources Technician
msmith@grca.on.caext. 246
Leslie Benson
Watershed Engineer
lbenson@grca.on.caext. 240
Ryan Good
Water Resource Engineer
rgood@grca.on.caext. 248
Craig Smith
Communications & Creative Design Specialist
csmith@grca.on.caext. 235

Aaron Staples
Outdoor Education Instructor
astaples@grca.on.caext. 323
Ed Van Osch
Forest Recreation Technician
evanosch@grca.on.caext. 325
George Elgear
General Superintendent
gelgear@grca.on.caext. 401
Gus Saurer
gsaurer@grca.on.caext. 403
Hannah Winger
Outdoor Education Instructor
hwinger@grca.on.caext. 328
Jon Shaddock
Forest Centre Technician
jshaddock@grca.on.caext. 326
Pam Lancaster
Conservation Lands Coordinator
plancaster@grca.on.caext. 322
Katie Roberts
Outdoor Education Instructor
kroberts@grca.on.caext. 324
Matt Williams
Weekend Events Facilitator
mwilliams@grca.on.caext. 321
Will Lemieux
Conservation Lands Technician
wlemieux@grca.on.caext. 327

Contact Information

Administration Office

2216 County Road 28
Port Hope, ON L1A 3V8

T: 905.885.8173
F: 905.885.9824

Ganaraska Forest Centre

10585 Cold Springs Camp Road
Campbellcroft, ON L0A 1B0

T: 905.885.8173
F: 905.797.2545