Overnight Experience

A student holds a salamander in the Ganaraska Forest
Students Work Together to Overcome An Obstacle Course

Evening-Only Programs

These programs are only available to groups staying overnight at the GFC.

Campfire Program

Spend an evening around the campfire singing songs, participating in a hilarious skit, tell a traditional aboriginal tale or a spooky ghost story, put on a fashion show, etc, etc. There is just so much fun stuff to do!

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Ganaraska Jeopardy & Stones

During this 2-hour program students will rotate through an hour of each activity. We have adapted the original Jeopardy game into an interactive and active game teaching students about ecology, the history of the centre and some fun group challenges.

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Sports Night

An evening of 3 sports: floor hockey, soccer, and Ultimate Frisbee. Your group will be split into 6 teams and rotate through the 3 sporting events and the team with the highest score wins the coveted “Ultimate Sport Champion” award.

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Survival Game (Evening Only)

An exciting adaptation of our day-time program of the same name, in this active role-playing game, each student takes on the character of a different wildlife species to gain a better understanding of the relationship between predator and prey in a forest ecosystem.

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