Corbett’s Dam & Fishway

Salmon Jumping For Ladder
Corbett's Dam Fish Ladder Entrance

On the Ganaraska River

Corbett’s Dam was originally constructed as part of a distilling and brewing complex in the 1800’s.

Thomas Molson, son of John Molson, bought the property in 1851. This purchase included a brewery, Crawford’s distillery, a flour mill capable of 300 barrels per day, a saw mill capable of turning out 6000 ft of lumber a day and a stave factory, producing 7000 staves per day (staves were used to produce flour barrels).

Also included was a lath and picket (fence) factory, a planing machine and the mill pond and dam. This location was later a collection point for massive quantities of local barley that was exported from Port Hope, the largest harbor on Lake Ontario.