Day Programs

GRCA Administrative Office, Port Hope

Group Dynamics

Students develop their character and leadership through introduction to the GFC’s four concepts of teamwork: communication, support, inclusion and planning. These teamwork concepts are tested in a series of fun team challenges and group problem-solving tasks.

Group Dynamics Part I

This program supports Character Education and Leadership by introducing the four concepts of teamwork: communication, support, inclusion and planning through group initiatives. This program supports these concepts through various challenges and group problem-solving tasks.

Group Dynamics Part II: Low Ropes

This program builds upon Group Dynamics Part I and takes place on a low ropes course located in the Ganaraska Forest. Several different elements including the Ice Wall, Nitro, Whale Watch and many more, help students to focus on trust and teamwork.

Hiding in Plain Sight

Students explore the interdependence of plants and animals through the lens of an important animal adaptation: camouflage. This program will also explore how plants and animals have responded to changes in the environment caused by human activities. Learn together in this Kahoot! game.

Ice-Breakers & Co-operative Games

This interactive program is designed to build teamwork, develop cooperation skills and enhance communication through a variety of activities and games. This program helps to build comfortable and trusting relationships among classes and helps build group cohesion.

ICE: Innovation, Creativity & Entrepreneurship

Need a sector partner for your innovation, creativity, and entrepreneurship training? Put your students to work for us! Let the ICE-trained and Ontario-certified teachers of the GFC host this exciting training for your students. We can co-develop an authentic challenge statement for your sector. Then leave the rest to us!

Introduction to Stream Assessment Protocol

In this engaging program, the complexity of the Ontario Stream Assessment Protocol is summarized to highlight those measurements that are most integral to the efficient management of a watershed by conservation authorities. Students spend the morning at our ponds in order to collect benthic macroinvertebrates and appreciate what their relative populations can reveal about the health of their aquatic habitat.

Introduction to Wilderness First Aid – GFC

In this extension of the student’s Standard First Aid certification, students are introduced to the unique considerations of administering First Aid in a wilderness setting. Students are challenged to utilize a number of readily available natural materials to deliver aid in authentic wilderness scenarios.

Leadership Skills

Why teach about leadership when you can experience leadership! Students develop their character and leadership by completing a series of fun team challenges and group program-solving tasks. These experiences explore the nature of leadership and create opportunities for the students to seize the moment and test drive their new skills.

Map & Compass

This active program challenges each student’s compass and map-reading skills on two adventure courses. Students hone their orienteering skills on a field course with visible landmarks, and if successful, are then challenged to navigate our extensive forest trail system.

Map Reading & Orienteering

This popular program gives students a hands-on opportunity to learn and apply compass and map-reading skills. Students learn to test their skills by completing an orienteering field and forest course.

Maple Moon

Students are introduced to the process of making maple syrup. Guides dressed in traditional clothing present aboriginal and pioneer methods of making maple syrup. Students take part in hands-on demonstrations and voyageur games and wrap up the day tasting a sweet treat around a cozy, outdoor campfire.