Day Programs

GRCA Administrative Office, Port Hope

The Many Faces of Climate Change

Students are challenged to identify the consequences of climate change for the local biosphere. They will then explore a number of climate change adaptation strategies that will be fundamental to the future success of Ontario’s plant, animal, and human residents.

Trappers & Traders

This engaging program puts student teams against one another in an orienteering challenge that requires teams to creatively barter their European goods for animal pelts.

Treetop Trekking Ganaraska

Students venture through a series of aerial games and activities high up in the Ganaraska Forest canopy. Following a safety orientation, students head out the course to traverse bridges, monkey cables, Tarzan ropes and zip lines.

Watershed Management

Students learn about the anatomy of a watershed as well as the fundamental considerations and processes for the management of a watershed. In small groups, each student embodies the role of a particular stakeholder in watershed management, and they are challenged to come to a consensus solution for a watershed management challenge.

Wilderness Survival Skills

Following a brief introduction to fundamental survival attitudes and skills, students will complete a number of self-guided stations in order to build up their survival skill toolkit. The students are then immersed in a wilderness survival situation from which they must escape… Amazing Race style!

Wolf Prowl Game

This simulation game focuses on such topics as energy flow, consumer levels, and human impacts on forest ecosystems. Its aim is to teach students the relationship an organism has with other species and its environment.

Your Needs & My Needs

Students explore the concepts of survival needs and lifestyle luxuries in order to appreciate the consequences of their daily choices. They will then create a personal connection to the Earth so that they will be more inclined to advocate and act for its protection.