Timber Harvest Season Is Upon Us in the Ganaraska Forest Once Again

GRCA Administrative Office, Port Hope

FOR IMMEDIATE RELEASE, September 26, 2023 (Campbellcroft, ON) – Each year, the GRCA completes the scheduled, selective thinning of Red Pine plantations in the Forest.

This thinning facilitates the growth of native tree species, like Red Oak, White Pine and Sugar Maple, all of which were part of the initial landscape restoration plans when the Forest was planted over 80 years ago. Without these plantations and their routine thinnings, restoration of our native forest cover would take many lifetimes to complete.

Operations will begin in the Central Forest near CF10 and CF11, north of Carmel Line and will progressively work throughout the West and East Forests. Timber harvesting operations will remain active until February 29, 2024. Recreational users may notice pink flagging tape in certain areas of the Forest, which indicate a trail or environmentally-sensitive area to be protected during logging operations.

During timber operations, the public is prohibited from entering the worksite (logging area and recreational trails within). Identified trails (Forest Roads) will be used to facilitate the movement of logging equipment through the Forest. These routes, will be flagged with yellow caution tape, indicating recreational users to exercise caution and reduce speeds to 20 km/h. Please remember logging equipment must always be given ample space to operate and given the right-of-way when encountered. Logging trucks will be traveling along municipal unmaintained and maintained roads around and within the Forest.

Temporary trail re-route updates will be communicated through the online Ganaraska Forest Trails Map, early in the week, for users to plan their trips to the Ganaraska Forest accordingly.


If you have any questions regarding logging operations or recreation at the Ganaraska Forest, please contact info@grca.on.ca or call 905.885.8173 during office hours, Mon.–Fri. from 8:30 a.m. to 4:30 p.m.