County of Haliburton Floodplain Mapping Project

Haliburton Floodplain Mapping Study

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Haliburton Updated Floodplain Mapping Project

The County of Haliburton has partnered with the Ganaraska Region Conservation Authority (GRCA) and Kawartha Conservation to complete floodplain mapping for the Gull and Burnt Rivers.

This work also includes mapping of high water levels for numerous lakes within each watershed.

Floodplain mapping helps to identify areas that may be at risk of flooding during severe storms and is an important tool for land use planning and emergency preparedness.

This project is being funded in part by the Flood Hazard Identification & Mapping Program (FHIMP).

Project Timeline & Status

  • Summer & Fall 2019
    LiDAR data acquisition for rivers in study area
  • Summer 2021 – Summer 2023
    Field Survey of Dam, Bridge and Culvert Structures
  • Summer – Fall 2021
    Collection of Bathymetric Data for Priority Areas
  • 2022 – 2023
    Background Data Review and Development of GIS data products; Development of hydrologic and hydraulic models to support mapping; Development of High-Water Levels for key lakes
  • Winter 2024
    Report & Map Production and Public Information Centre