Cobourg Conservation Area

Located on the east side of William Street, this 31.27 acres (12.7 ha) of land was acquired on March 3, 1971. This natural area is maintained by the Town of Cobourg and is perfect for picnics, playing sports and games in the open space or taking a stroll or fishing near the river.

Garden Hill Conservation Area

Located in the Municipality of Port Hope (formerly Hope Township) on Ganaraska Road 9, these 53 acres (21.4 ha) of land was the first conservation area owned and managed by Ganaraska Region Conservation Authority and was acquired on June 3, 1956. This site offers a beautiful pond, where you can spot many different species of birds and other wildlife and is a great place for a picnic.

Rice Lake Conservation Area

Located east of Bewdley in Hamilton Township, this 181.91 acre (73.6 ha) piece of wetland was acquired on April 28, 1972. There is plenty of space and beautiful spots to explore in this passive and naturalized area to enjoy your favorite activities such as photography, fishing, nature study, bird watching and discovering wildlife in various habitats.

Ball’s Mill Conservation Area

Ball’s Mill is located north of Cobourg in Hamilton Township and consists of 38.1 acres (15.7 ha). The land was acquired on November 6, 1974 and offers both woodland trails and a pond - great for exploring and spotting wildlife. You can walk, fish or relax near the dam, pond or stream.

Port Hope Conservation Area

This conservation area is 89.94 acres (36.4 ha) in size and is tucked beside the Ganaraska River. This land was acquired on February 3, 1964. The woodland trails along the Ganaraska River are rich in plant life and great for a picturesque stroll or nature photography. Not only a great place to relax and enjoy a picnic by the water, but also a popular spot for fishing.

Sylvan Glen Conservation Area

Temporarily CLOSED to the public, from July 24th to Late 2023, due to bridge replacement work. For more information, please visit the Municipality of Port Hope's website here.

This area offers a great place to relax. The 4.65 acre (1.9 ha) property, which is located in the Municipality of Port Hope (formerly Hope Township), was acquired on December 3, 1956. You can picnic by the creek or try your luck at fishing.

Thurne Parks Conservation Area

This conservation area consists of 46.52 acres (18.8 ha) and was acquired on December 9, 1976. Located in the Municipality of Clarington, it is a great spot for fishing, bird watching and nature photography.

Ganaraska Millennium Conservation Area

This conservation area located north of Port Hope at County Road 28 and Highway 401 provides residents and visitors with a natural respite in which to walk, picnic and enjoy the natural environment.

Richardson's Lookout Conservation Area

This Conservation Area is used for passive recreation including nature appreciation and views of the Ganaraska River watershed and Ganaraska Forest.