GRCA recommends contacting Planning staff prior to making a formal Planning Act or Permit submission to determine if there will be any matters that need to be addressed.

Complete an Inquiry/Pre-Consultation Form along with the required fee and a conceptual sketch (can be hand drawn – just to give an idea of the scope of work). GRCA will advise in writing the items necessary to successfully submit your application.

Discussion about the project can be arranged.

The fee charged will be removed off the first Planning Act or permit application fee.
The inquiry/pre-consultation process is not a requirement for permit applications. It is a means to ensure you have appropriate information prior to applying to ensure you are fully aware of any potential concerns with respect to your project. You can email your questions at any time and one of our staff members will get back to you.

You will need to give enough information for staff to locate the property, such as the lot, concession, township, and/or address.

Please make sure you fill in all the booking fields with as much information as possible.

Please gather all available information to describe your project, which may include the following:

  • Legal survey
  • Elevation survey
  • Site plan (please show any watercourses, shorelines, wetlands and woodlots)
  • Design plans
  • Photos of the site

The drawing can be hand drawn and you can use an air photo from a mapping tool on the Internet.