Authorized Ganaraska Forest Recreational Uses

IMPORTANT: For available trails in the Ganaraska Forestplease refer to the GF Trail Map. Memberships and Day Passes are available for sale at and Day Passes are also available from the Gatehouse Kiosk at the Ganaraska Forest Centre. 

For more information, please see the revised Ganaraska Forest Rules & Etiquette. The Ganaraska Forest is open from dawn until dusk each day.

Trail Maintenance Volunteer Program info available here.

Motorized Vehicle (Off-Road) Use: (May 1 – Nov 30)

  • Ganaraska Forest is host to numerous dual and single-track trails, and forest roads.  Motorized Vehicle Use is authorized within most of the West and East Forests.  Please be advised that motorized use is prohibited in certain areas of the Ganaraska Forest.  Prohibited areas are indicated on GRCA mapping and posted with No Trespassing (Red Dot) or no-motorized use signage.
  • The Highway Traffic Act and Off-Road Vehicle Act prohibits use of off-road vehicles on municipal roads.
  • Please note that all motorized vehicles using the Ganaraska Forest must be plated and insured.
  • The motorized vehicle operator must carry proof of insurance and registration (ownership).

Please remember that horseback riders, cyclists and pedestrians have the right of way.  When encountering Horses.  Pull your vehicle to the side of the trail, turn off your engine and await instructions from the horseback rider.




Hiking: (year round)

  • Ganaraska Forest hiking trails are designed to appeal to all abilities of hikers and pass through a scenic landscape of rolling hills and mixed forest.
  • The Central Forest offers several marked loops to choose from, many of which start and end at the trailhead at the Ganaraska Forest Centre.

All of the trails in the Ganaraska Forest are open to hiking year round, with the exception of cross county ski trails where hiking is not permitted from January 1 to March 31.





Horseback Riding: (May 1 – last day in February)

  • The Ganaraska Forest is multi-use.  If your horse has not been exposed to mountain bikers, off-road vehicles or other motorized vehicles it is advised that you gain that experience in a safer environment first.
  • Trails in the West and East Forests open to all users while the trails in the Central Forest are reserved for passive use only, and for this reason, many horseback riders prefer to ride in the Central Forest. 
  • Hunting is permitted within the West and East Forest, as well as parts of the Central Forest.
  • A large parking area designated specifically for horse trailers is located just east of the Ganaraska Forest Centre on the 10th Line of the Municipality of Port Hope and provides direct access to the Central Forest.
  • Horse trailers are not permitted to be unloaded at the Ganaraska Forest Centre.

All of the trails in the Ganaraska Forest are open to horseback riding except the cross-county ski trails from January 1 to March 31.  



Mountain Biking: (May 1 – Last day in Feb)

  • GRCA offers hundreds of kilometres of twisting, turning, hill-climbing, dual and single-track trail and wide forest roads. You will need a whole summer to explore the Forest.  
  • Please remember that horseback riders and pedestrians have the right-of-way.  When encountering horses, stop your bike, call out to the horseback riders and await instructions from the horseback rider.

All of the trails in the Ganaraska Forest are open to cycling except the cross-county ski trails from January 1 to March 31.





Hunting: (opportunities year-round)

  • GRCA permits hunting within the West and East Forests and in parts of the Central Forest. Forest maps and signage indicate the no hunting zone within the Central Forest.
  • Hunters must abide by all provincial hunting regulations, the provisions of the Fish and Wildlife Conservation Act and all applicable municipal laws.
  • The Provincial Hunting Regulations Summary should be consulted for a complete listing of seasons and regulations that pertain to hunting.

Please be advised:  the use of a motorized vehicle within the Ganaraska Forest requires a motorized use day pass or membership.


Please note:

  • The discharge of firearms is prohibited except for the purpose of hunting (no target shooting).
  • The permanent construction of tree stands and ground blinds is prohibited.
  • Do Not cut nor disturb vegetation.
  • Hunting blinds/stand can be installed no earlier than one week prior to the hunting season and must be removed no later than one week after the hunting season.
  • The hunters full name must be affix to the hunting blind/stand.


Cross-Country Skiing and Snowshoeing:

  • Ganaraska Forest is host to over 35 km of signed, groomed and track-set cross-country ski trails and over 10 km of marked snowshoe trails.  
  • The trails meander through pine and hardwood forest, offering a challenge to skiers and snowshoe enthusiasts of varying ability levels.  
  • All trails start and end at the Ganaraska Forest Centre located at 10585 Cold Springs Camp Road, Campbellcroft, Ontario.
  • During the ski season, GRCA staff post ski trail conditions updates on and social media platforms.




Snowmobiling: (When OFSC trails are open)

  • The Ontario Federation of Snowmobiling Clubs (OFSC) is responsible for grooming and maintaining all snowmobile trails.
  • An OFSC permit is required for all snowmobiling within the Ganaraska Forest, however a forest membership or day pass is not required.  

Forest Regulations and Enforcement
Full List Of Forest Regulations

10 Basic Rules in the Ganaraska Forest

  1. A Ganaraska Forest annual membership or day pass is required to access the property. A forest user must present a day pass or membership when requested by GRCA staff and enforcement officers.
  2. All parked vehicles must display a valid parking pass which is part of a day pass or membership.
  3. All motorized vehicles require a valid license plate affixed to the vehicle and driver must possess proof of liability insurance and vehicle ownership.
  4. No BBQ’s, camp stoves, fires or fireworks.
  5. No camping. The Ganaraska Forest is open from dawn until dusk each day.
  6. No alcohol, cannabis or recreational drug use allowed on GRCA property.
  7. Obey all signage.
  8. Stay on designated trails and do not create new trails.
  9. Do not cut vegetation.
  10. All dogs must be leashed at all times and remember to clean up after your pet.