Social Studies & GeographyMaple Moon: Students are introduced to the process of making maple syrup. Guides dressed in traditional clothing present aboriginal and pioneer methods of making maple syrup. Students take part in hands-on demonstrations and voyageur games and wrap up the day tasting a sweet treat around a cozy, outdoor campfire.

Half-day program, Gr. JK – 6 * Mid-March – Early April 22

Oak Ridges Moraine Program: Students learn about unique land features in Ontario, with a primary focus on the moraine. Students participate in an interpretive hike that includes dialogue on topics such as glacial erratic, watersheds, headwaters and water source protection.

Half-day program, Gr. 10 – 12 *Late April – October 23

Mapping for Little Ones: This program is specifically designed for primary students. They learn basic cardinal directions, how to design maps and legends and are introduced to the parts of a compass. Students test their knowledge by completing two orienteering courses.

Half-day program, Gr. 1 – 3 * Year-round 24

Map Reading and Orienteering: This popular program gives students a hands-on opportunity to learn and apply compass and map-reading skills. Students learn to test their skills by completing an orienteering field and forest course.

Half-day program, Gr. 4 – 12 * Late April – November 25

Social Studies & GeographyPhoto Orienteering: Students learn how to use a birds-eye view map, create and use a map legend and how to follow basic directions. They then participate in an outdoor scavenger hunt around the buildings and surroundings of the Ganaraska Forest Centre.

Half-day program, Gr. JK/SK – 1 * Year-round 26

Trappers and Traders: This engaging program puts student teams against one another in an orienteering challenge that requires teams to creatively barter their European goods for animal pelts. Through the game and the fur trade relics, students will learn about the history and challenges of the fur trade, as well as the differing perspectives of value in the eyes of Ontario’s First Nations and earliest Europeans.

Half-day program, Gr. 5 – 12 * Year-round 27

GPS: Numbers, Numbers Everywhere: This is an in-depth look at the technology of the Global Positioning System, sources of error, and the meaning of the GPS coordinates. A variety of fun, interactive games are played to test the students’ skills and to ensure that they are competent users of the GPS unit.

Half-day program, Gr. 5 – 12 * Year-round 28

GPS: Geocache Adventures: Just the games! After a brief orientation to the Global Positioning System unit, students use the technology to navigate through a number of geocache courses. If time permits, intermediate and senior students may also compete in the GPS Hunger Games!

Half-day program, Gr. 3 – 12 * Year-round