Group Dynamics and LeadershipCross-Country Skiing: This full-day program is physically active and is a great introduction to cross-country skiing. In the morning, students learn gliding, turning and stopping, as well as how to climb and descend hills. The afternoon is spent in the Ganaraska Forest on groomed trails using quality ski equipment provided by the Ganaraska Forest Centre.

Full-day program, Gr. 4 - 12 * January – March 15

Group Dynamics Part I: This program supports Character Education and Leadership by introducing the four concepts of teamwork: communication, support, inclusion and planning through group initiatives. This program supports these concepts through various challenges and group problem-solving tasks.

Half-day program Gr. 4 – 12 * Year-round 16




Group Dynamics and LeadershipGroup Dynamics Part II: This program builds upon Group Dynamics Part I and takes place on a low ropes course located in the Ganaraska Forest. Several different elements including the Ice Wall, Nitro, Whale Watch and many more, help students to focus on trust and teamwork. Ideal for intermediate students who may be changing classes or school environments.

Half-day program, Gr. 4 – 12 * Year-round

Ice-Breakers and Co-operative Games: This interactive program is designed to build teamwork, develop cooperation skills and enhance communication through a variety of activities and games. This program helps to build comfortable and trusting relationships among classes and helps build group cohesion.

Half-day program, Gr. 3 - 8 * Year-round

Outdoor Survival Skills: Students learn the skills necessary to survive in the great outdoors. Hands-on initiatives include fire-building and shelter-building. Different survival scenarios are explored and discussed in this favourite, action-packed program. Ganaraska staff can assist in providing details around planning what to bring for an optional cookout lunch.

Half-day program, Gr. 4 – Gr. 12 * Year-round 19

Snowshoeing: Students spend a half-day learning how to snowshoe using modern, provided equipment. This program demonstrates a unique method of winter travel, is physically active, and is best combined with another half-day program.               

Half-day program, Gr. 4 – 12 * January – Early April 20

Treetop Trekking Ganaraska: Students venture through a series of aerial games and activities high up in the Ganaraska Forest canopy. Following a safety orientation, students head out the course to traverse bridges, monkey cables, Tarzan ropes and zip lines. This closely monitored program gives students the opportunity to learn new communications skills, effectively understand their inner strengths and to participate in a high adventure physical activity. (Special Adventure Rate Applies)

Supervising teachers climb for free! 3-hour program, Gr. 4 – 12
* Mid-March to Mid-November (some restrictions may apply)